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Archer Cloud is a hosted environment for publishing, testing and utilizing Archer graphics. It is a platform with several services and APIs that speed up the implementation of your dynamic graphic. We strive to deliver you an amazingly easy, fast and comfortable way to get the most benefits from Archer.

The Archer Cloud consists of the following components:

Archer Host

The Archer Host is a web application for publishing, testing and sharing your Archer graphics. You can browse through public examples and get inspired from the cool stuff that other users do with Archer.

In addition, it is the place where you can create and manage your Archer Panels.

Archer PanelsBesides hosting your Archer graphic, the Archer Cloud gives you the possibility to create and manage what we call Archer Panels. An Archer Panel can be integrated in your application. It is a ready to use, hosted Archer graphic that is automatically connected to an associated set of variable data. Each change of a variable value will immediately update the Archer graphic in realtime.

Archer Panel Service

The Archer Panel Service is a web service that runs in the background. It provides all defined Archer Panels, manages their assigned variable values set, writes the status history of the Panels and handles the realtime sync for all loaded Panels.

Additionally, it provides a secure REST API for changing variable values of a Panel over HTTP(s).

Panel Runtime JS

The Panel Runtime library is mainly a wrapper around the Archer Runtime library. When you load your defined Archer Panel it automatically creates a websocket connection to the Archer Panel Service. This connection is used to automatically keep the Panel in sync with its assigned variable data set.

In addition, user inputs like click or touch events are transmitted to the Archer Panel Service and can be received and handled with the Panel Client API.

Panel Client APIs

With the Panel Client API you can get connected to loaded Archer Panels. You can remotely set the variable values and you can receive and handle user interactions on the Archer Panel like click or touch events.

The Client API is currently available for Java and Javascript. The support of other programming languages is planned for the future.

Panel Data Collector Service

Each Archer Panel can have a data collector defined. A data collector will periodically call a specified web service, extracts variable values out of the response and stores the values to the variable values set of the Archer Panel.

The Panel Data Collector Service is the backend service that executes all these data collection jobs.

Panel Test App

The Panel Test App is an example application for Archer Panels. You can load and try all public Archer Panels. It is the perfect starting point for trying out your defined Archer Panels.

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