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The Archer Host is a web application for publishing, testing and sharing your archer graphics. You can browse through public examples and get inspired from the cool stuff that other users do with Archer.

In addition, it is the place where you can create and manage your Archer Panels.

On the left side of the Archer Host is the Archer Graphics catalog. You can load each graphic by clicking on the graphic's tile. You can play with the loaded Graphic by using the Control panel on the right side. This panel contains controls for all kinds of variables that are defined in the Archer graphic. Depending on the type of the variable, the control panel automatically provides different controls for simulating number, text and boolean values. 

Create an Account

As long you are not registered and logged in, you only can browse through the public examples and play around with simulating the variable values. The tabs Own and Shared above the catalog are disabled. If you want to upload your own Archer graphic and define Archer Panels for them, you need to register (for free!) and log in. 

Click on Login or register. You will be redirected to the Archer Cloud login page. 

Right beside the login input fields Email and Password you find the Register link.

Please fill out the registration form and click the Register button. Your account will be created and you will be logged in automatically.

Your name is displayed at the top left corner and the tabs Own and Shared are now enabled. 

To log out click on your name and select logout in the user menu.

Upload and share your Archer graphic

To upload your Archer graphic, the first thing you have to do is to publish your Archer Graphic from the Archer Editor. Click on File -> Publish as .zip... and save the zip file to your hard disk.

In one of the next Archer Editor version we plan to implement a direct Publish to host function for the editor. Until then, unfortunately, you have to do it manually. Sorry for that! (smile)

Now open the Archer Host and select the Own tab above the catalog (only enabled when you are logged in).

Click on the first tile Add graphic within the catalog (marked with a plus sign).

The Settings popup window will open.

Drag and drop the previously published zip file from the Archer Editor to the upload area above the Name input field.

During the upload process, your Archer Graphic will get an automatically generated default name. Please change the name accordingly and fill out the rest of the form.

NameThe display name of the Archer graphic. This field is mandatory.
DescriptionAn optional more detailed description of the Archer graphic.
PublicIf checked, everyone will see your Archer graphic under the Public tab within the catalog.
Invited usersYou can share your graphic with other users, even if it is not marked as public. If you add the email address of the user to this list, the user will find your Graphic under the Shared tab within the catalog.

Click on the Apply button to save your changes.

Upload a preview image

Initailly your uploaded Archer Graphic will display the archer logo as preview image within the catalog tile. 

We have not yet implemented a feature to set the preview image. Until then, you may use the secret way for doing so. In a future version we plan to implement a more comfortable way for setting the preview image.

First you need the preview image. A good way is to load the Archer Graphic into the Host and adjust the variables so that the Graphic is looking good. Then make a screenshot and crop it to the right size.

The image needs to be a png file and should have a size of 416 x 368 pixels.

Open the Settings popup window of the Archer Graphic by clicking on the little pen icon at the top right corner of the tile. 

Now drag and drop the prepared preview image to the upload area above the Name input field. Then reload the Archer Host in your browser. 

The preview image should now be displayed instead of the default Archer logo.


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